Hisense 24 Inch Digital TV

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  • 24 Inch LED TV
  • 720p Resolution
  • HD Ready (1280 x 720)
  • Dolby Digital, Sound Equaliser
  • HDMI: 2  USB: 1  VGA: 1
  • Digital TV DVB-T2 – Free to Air Channels
  • PVR Recorder
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Hisense 24 Inch Digital TV Full Specification

Screen Size: 24 Inch LED
Screen Resolution: 720p HD Ready (1280 x 720)
Audio: Dolby Digital, Sound Equaliser
Inputs: HDMI: 2  USB: 1  VGA: 1
Digital TV: Yes – DVB-T2 – Free to Air Channels
Smart TV: No
Warranty: 1 Year
Other Features: PVR Recorder, Narrow Frame, Energy Saving,

Hisense 24 Inch Digital TV Article Review 

If you are looking for an affordable quality Television in Kenya, then the Hisense 24 inch Digital TV is your best choice. This Hisense TV has impressive features and a great design that fits well and complements your living room.  In Kenya, it has an average review of 4.8 out of 5, meaning people who have bought it are happy. Hisense 24 inch TV price in Kenya is very affordable as it retails for less than KES 15,000.


This TV has an IPS-LED display panel that delivers crystal clear and vivid images. It has an HD resolution that enhances better picture quality. To ensure bright and vibrant colours, this 24 inch Hisense TV uses PureColor technology.

Besides, the 24 Inch Hisense TV uses proprietary dimming technology to give viewers a better contrast. Moreover, you get a more balanced colour saturation, giving you better quality in-home entertainment. The Hisense 24 Digital TV is also an energy-saving TV as it consumes little power, thereby ensuring you make savings on your power bills.


The Hisense 24 inch TV has great audio that is powered by Dolby technology. The TV has two mid-range speakers and a sound tuner that enables you to select the best sound for different shows like news, movies, and sports.

Furthermore, the TV comes with a noise filter and an Auto Volume leveller, which ensures TV volume does not fluctuate when you change between channels or devices.


This television has a great aesthetic design. It is slimmer and fits perfectly in all living room interior designs. In addition, it offers you a cinema feel as you sit back and enjoy your favourite television shows and programs. The designs ensure you feel your imaginations coming to reality as it brings life to your living room.


This TV is digital. With the migration from analog to digital broadcasting in Kenya, having a digital TV will enable you to watch free to air channels without the need to buy a decoder.

With this 24 inch Hisense TV, you will make more significant savings as you do not need to buy a decoder or pay monthly TV subscriptions.

This Hisense TV comes with several ports, including 1 HDMI port, 1 USB port, Video input ports, terrestrial cable, and VGA port. This multimedia support enables you to connect to any devices you may have. In addition, it supports different video and audio formats. USB playback function will allow you to play media from your USB devices. Also, you can record live TV and watch it later via PVR.

Hotel Lock Mode

This 24” Hisense TV is the perfect tv to use in your hotel as it has the hotel lock function. This function enables you to preselect channels for your guests and blocks them from interfering with the settings of the TV. Moreover, you can set a welcome screen with an advertisement of your hotel every time you switch on the TV.

Hisense 24 Inch TV Price In Kenya

With its incredible features and quality features, the Hisense 24 Inch TV price in Kenya is pocket friendly and one of the cheapest TVs in Kenya. Hisense is a quality brand in Kenya, and buying it is a safe bet. Order Your Hisense 24 inch Digital TV today from Nairobi TV Shop and have it delivered within the same day. We currently have an offer for the Hisense 32 Inch Digital Smart TV.

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  1. Gloria Musungu

    Great TV with excellent picture quality

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