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Which Is the Best TV To Buy In Kenya? Hisense TV is the best TV to buy in Kenya today. If you are looking for a quality bargain tv in Kenya, then a Hisense TV should be on your radar. Hisense TVs in Kenya are a popular option for most middle-class Kenyans as they not only boost better technologies but are of high quality and a value for money. Hisense has a range of quality Hisense smart TVs. What is the Price of Hisense TV in Kenya? The price of Hisense TV in Kenya is affordable. See our current & updated Hisense Smart TV price list. One main reason why Hisense is has made inroads in Kenya is mainly due to its affordable pricing. Hisense tv prices in Kenya are a value for money. What is the Origin of Hisense TV? Hisense is a flagship state owned Chinese brand with its headquarters in Qingdao, China. They manufacturer a wide range of electronic products including refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and home appliances. Since 2005, it has transformed itself into a global company and has set up manufacturing plants across the globe including USA, China, South Africa, France, Hungary and Mexico.