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Are you looking for a cheap TV in Kenya? According to the 2019 National ICT Survey, the number one consideration for most Kenyans when buying a TV is the price. Today, you can buy good quality cheap TV with a budget of less than KES 15,000. The cheapest TV in Kenya is the Vitron 19 inch TV that retails for KES 6,000.

Buying a cheap TV does not mean the TV is of poor quality. The main reason a TV might be very affordable is due to several reasons, including TV specs, production costs, and features. The most expensive TV in Kenya is the Sony 84 Inch Bravia 4K LED TV that retails for KES 2.5 million.

Here are some of the cheap TVs you can buy in Kenya today.  Order your preferred tv and have it delivered within a few hours. Call us on 0712884875

Cheapest 24 Inch TV In Kenya

Syinix 24 Inch Digital TV – KES 9,000Get More Details
Vitron 24 Inch Digital TV – KES 9,000 – Get More Details

Cheapest 32 Inch TV In Kenya

Syinix 32 Inch Digital TV – KES 13,000 Get More Details
Vision Plus 32 Inch Digital TV – KES 13,000Get More Details

Cheapest Smart TV In Kenya

Vision Plus 32 Inch Smart TV – KES 16,000Get More Details
Syinix 32 Inch Smart TV – KES 16,000 – Get More Details

Cheap 40 inch TVs In Kenya

Syinix 40 Inch Digital TV – KES 21,000 Get More Details

Guide To Buying A Cheap TV In Kenya

Check Out For Available TV Deals and Offers
One best way to buy a cheap TV in Kenya is to search for TV deals and offers. Many TV sellers periodically offer discounts and deals on TV. You can get discounts of up to 50% on different TV models depending on the offer. Sellers provide discounts for s number of reasons including, building loyalty, expanding customer base, and clearing stock. No matter the reason, buying your TV at a discounted price will save you money.

Ensure You Only Buy A Digital TV
Only buy a digital TV. A digital TV allows you to access free to air channels without having to buy a decoder or pay monthly subscription charges. Buying a digital TV will lower your cost in the long run as you will not pay any monthly decoder charges.

Don’t Buy A Smart TV
If you want to buy a cheap tv in Kenya, don’t go for one with smart features. Smart features increase tv prices by between KES 3,000 to KES 6,000. As a rule of thumb, if someone tells you a smart TV model goes for 20K, know that the same model without smart features costs 3K-5K less. Besides, buying a smart TV will also increase your costs as you will have to pay for internet charges and streaming costs.

Only Buy A TV With A Warranty
When buying cheap TVs in Kenya, only go for a TV with a warranty. A warranty is the only assurance that you have in case you run into trouble with your TV. The longer the warranty period, the better for you. In Kenya, most sellers issue warranties for between 6-12 months.

Read User Reviews
Reading user reviews is the best way to ensure the cheap TV you have bought is genuine and of good quality. Reviews provide great insight into the quality and performance of any particular TV. Read reviews of any cheap TV you want to buy to find out what users are saying about that TV. Only buy a cheap TV in Kenya that has more positive reviews.

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